Neither serious nor sorry, Alek goes to Potočari

East Ethnia

ne boj se buke, to sto svira to su ruke Ulice znaju bolje.

So Serbian prime minister Aleksandar Vučić won the „emptier gesture than Tadić“ category, and will be making his way to the commemoration the twentieth anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide. What will happen there? A few pious words, penned by somebody else, may scamper their way across his livery lips. They will have been calculated to avoid mentioning the character of the event at which they will be spoken. Meanwhile, Alek will nervously sweat, hoping that none of the people present will remember who he is.

How did he get there? By making a deal: if the UK Foreign Office (which has no credibility on the issue of human rights – the occasional celebrity photo-op aside) proposes a Security Council resolution that does not use the word „genocide,“ then Russia (which has no credibility on the issue of reconciliation) will not veto it. In exchange, Vučić (who…

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