Yugoslavia as a paradigm: the rise of comparisons

In the last few weeks, a certain number of comparisons between Vladimir Putin and Slobodan Milosevic, together with other comparisons between Ukraine and Croatia or Bosnia, and even between Crimea (or Syria) and Kosovo, have appeared in the media. While some comparisons are more accurate than others, the underlying idea is that the recent Yugoslav conflicts are becoming a, more or less useful, paradigm. In broader terms I would rather say they are legitimate. Anyway I would point to a very simple evidence: Milosevic’s Serbia was not a nuclear power. Russia does. Secondly, Putin, today, does not have a Big brother, saying him “enough is enough”. That is what Putin told Milosevic in 2000. Finally, the fact that in Ukraine large scale conflict, like in Bosnia, did not yet happen, is not a valid argument, because we do not know yet the outcome of this story. Below it follows an incomplete list of them. I do not always agree with their content, in full or in part. Just click on the headlines for the full article.

Ima li sličnosti između Putinovog i Miloševićevog scenarija (this is one of my favorite)

Russia’s Putin is No ‘New Milosevic’

Blood Brothers: Milosevic and Putin

Elisabeth Rehn: Putin’s statements reminiscent of Milosevic

What’s The Difference Between Putin And Milosevic? About 22 Years

Ukraine: lessons from the Balkans nightmare

Ukraine: Hate in Progress

Intervenir en Syrie ? Le mauvais exemple du Kosovo




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