Top Secret: Bill Clinton freshly declassified documents about War in Bosnia!

Recently the Bill Clinton Presidential Library had made available hundreds of declassified documents about the War in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992-1995).

This is a precious gift for us historians. Actually, this is a treasure. Thank you Mr. President.

CIA outlook about a war in Yugoslavia (March 1991)



CIA about Bosnia (December 1991)


CIA: to recognize or not? (January 1992)


CIA: Ankara training Albanians (Albania, not Kosovo) officers (January 1993)


CIA: Greater Serbia, a troublemaker (January 1993)


CIA: Milosevic is just part of the problem (27 January 1993)


Indeed, that’s what he said in his last public speech (2 October 2000):

Moj motiv da izrazim svoje mišljenje, na ovaj način, nije uopšte lične prirode. Dva puta sam biran za predsednika Srbije i jednom za predsednika Jugoslavije. Valjda bi svakom posle ovih deset godina trebalo da bude jasno da oni ne napadaju Srbiju zbog Miloševića, nego napadaju Miloševića zbog Srbije. Moja savest u tom pogledu je savršeno mirna.

In English, as NYT put it:

In his first television address since the election Sept. 24, Mr. Milosevic said a victory by Mr. Kostunica and the opposition would mean the subjugation of Yugoslavia, its further disintegration and its occupation by foreign forces. He said the world ”is not attacking Serbia because of Milosevic but Milosevic because of Serbia,” a line he used before, in the 1992 Serbian presidential campaign.

Full audio here (listen at 17:00):


How to cope with this kind of Serbia? (January 1993):


M. Albright (February 1993)


Germany and Croatia, Russia and Serbia (February 1993)


Clinton (= The President) talking with J. Chirac at the time of Srebrenica’s fall (13 July 1995).


From Karadzic to Clinton: how to employ people in RS? (December 1995)


Preparing Kosovo’s war (September 1998)


Maybe this will put an end to conspiracy theories. The American reason for bombing Serbia & Montenegro (FRY) in 1999 was to “avert a humanitarian catastrophe in Kosovo”. This idea of stopping violence in the region, Kosovo included, was around at least since 1993. Would conspiracy minded folks buy it? Frankly speaking, I don’t think so.

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2 thoughts on “Top Secret: Bill Clinton freshly declassified documents about War in Bosnia!

  1. Clinton, Kosovo and Historical Sources: handle with care – dr. costamagna

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