Cosa non si fa per trovare lavoro

D I S . A M B . I G U A N D O

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Che per trovare lavoro ci vogliano (anche) determinazione, ambizione e fantasia è chiaro a tutti. Specie in tempi di crisi. Il che non vale solo in Italia, come dimostrano con ironia i due spot canadesi con cui lo Youth Job Strategy Government of Ontariopromuove il supporto che dà ai giovani per trovare «new ways to build skills, find a job, or start a business» (agenzia Bensimon Byrne). Trovo comunque inquietanti i valori che la campagna veicola:

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Top Secret: Bill Clinton freshly declassified documents about War in Bosnia!

Recently the Bill Clinton Presidential Library had made available hundreds of declassified documents about the War in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992-1995).

This is a precious gift for us historians. Actually, this is a treasure. Thank you Mr. President.

CIA outlook about a war in Yugoslavia (March 1991)



CIA about Bosnia (December 1991)


CIA: to recognize or not? (January 1992)


CIA: Ankara training Albanians (Albania, not Kosovo) officers (January 1993)


CIA: Greater Serbia, a troublemaker (January 1993)


CIA: Milosevic is just part of the problem (27 January 1993)


Indeed, that’s what he said in his last public speech (2 October 2000):

Moj motiv da izrazim svoje mišljenje, na ovaj način, nije uopšte lične prirode. Dva puta sam biran za predsednika Srbije i jednom za predsednika Jugoslavije. Valjda bi svakom posle ovih deset godina trebalo da bude jasno da oni ne napadaju Srbiju zbog Miloševića, nego napadaju Miloševića zbog Srbije. Moja savest u tom pogledu je savršeno mirna.

In English, as NYT put it:

In his first television address since the election Sept. 24, Mr. Milosevic said a victory by Mr. Kostunica and the opposition would mean the subjugation of Yugoslavia, its further disintegration and its occupation by foreign forces. He said the world ”is not attacking Serbia because of Milosevic but Milosevic because of Serbia,” a line he used before, in the 1992 Serbian presidential campaign.

Full audio here (listen at 17:00):


How to cope with this kind of Serbia? (January 1993):


M. Albright (February 1993)


Germany and Croatia, Russia and Serbia (February 1993)


Clinton (= The President) talking with J. Chirac at the time of Srebrenica’s fall (13 July 1995).


From Karadzic to Clinton: how to employ people in RS? (December 1995)


Preparing Kosovo’s war (September 1998)


Maybe this will put an end to conspiracy theories. The American reason for bombing Serbia & Montenegro (FRY) in 1999 was to “avert a humanitarian catastrophe in Kosovo”. This idea of stopping violence in the region, Kosovo included, was around at least since 1993. Would conspiracy minded folks buy it? Frankly speaking, I don’t think so.

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Options without Choice in the Serbian Elections

Florian Bieber's Notes from Syldavia

The upcoming early Serbian parliamentary elections are going to be contested by at least 10 parties and coalitions and likely a few more and the differences have rarely been so hard to detect. The last elections in 2012 where the first elections in which the largest parties did not differ fundamentally about the direction of the country. The consensus on EU integration and a pragmatic approach on Kosovo made the victory of the progressive party possible and removed the main cleavage of politics in Serbia during the 1990s and 2000s. As lines of division became blurred, the political scene in Serbia lacks clear defining markers and only few parties, such as Koštunica’s Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) do not share this overall consensus.

If there are increasingly fewer distinguishing characteristics between parties in Serbia, strange bedfellows emerge. When Liberal Democrats (LDP) formed a pre-election coalition with the Bosniak Democratic Community…

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Croatia: Days Of Pride And Celebration – 24 and 25 February 1990

Croatia, the War, and the Future

Franjo Tudjman   Photo: Franjo Tudjman Photo:

Zagreb, 24th and 25th February 1990 – the historic event occurred that would take Croatia on the path of secession from communist Yugoslavia and into an independent state that would join the democratic world.

The event was the First General Assembly of the people’s movement “Croatian Democratic Union” (HDZ) – it was held in Zagreb’s entertainment hall “Lisinski”.

Thundering applause followed almost every word spoken by dr Franjo Tudjman.
The resolution on the Croatian hymn was delivered at this event.

Our beautiful homeland,
O so fearless and gracious.
Our fathers’ ancient glory,
May you be blessed forever.
Dear, you are our only glory,
Dear, you are our only one,
Dear, we love your plains,
Dear, we love your mountains.
Sava, Drava keep on flowing,
Danube, do not lose your vigour,
Deep blue sea, tell the world,
That a Croat loves his homeland.
Whilst his fields are…

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Стање ствари поклања књигу “Рушење Републике Српске: Теорија и технологија преврата”!

Стање ствари

Поштовани посетиоци,

У сарадњи са ауторима и приређивачем Стефаном Каргановићем, српско “Стање ствари” је омогућило да са нашег сајта можете преузети комплетну књигу “Рушење Републике Српске: Теорија и технологија преврата“, у PDF формату. Аутори и издавач се извињавају што је испало да је књига одштампана латиничним писмом. 

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Renziana? Antirenziana? Grillina? Berlusconiana? Questione di dettagli

D I S . A M B . I G U A N D O


Ogni volta che scrivo di comunicazione politica, puntualmente qualcuno legge ciò che ho scritto in modo strumentale. O meglio, lo strumentalizza ma accusa me di averlo scritto in modo strumentale: come se io usassi le mie analisi per “parteggiare” per l’una o l’altra parte politica. Poiché da quando scrivo su questo blog e sul Fatto Quotidiano ho analizzato la comunicazione di (quasi) tutti i politici, sono stata definita a turno (anche con rabbia): veltroniana e antiveltroniana, bersaniana e antibersaniana, berlusconiana e antiberlusconiana, finiana e antifiniana, leghista e contro la Lega. Più di recente (ieri incluso), alcuni mi hanno accusata di essere

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